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Current version:

System Requirements:

Windows 10.1903 x64 and later.

Earlier version of Windows are also supported but require Microsoft .NET Framework 4.8 Runtime additionally installed.

Full-featured 14 days free trial.

Release Notes

v1.6 / 2019.12.29

  • Add chart navigation controls.
  • Instant automatic testing when in bar data mode.
  • Add optimization parameters to optimization results.
  • Possibility to copy report, positions and optimization results to clipboard.

v1.5 / 2019.12.12

  • Possibility to load and backtest on bar data.
  • File system space usage optimized considerably.
  • Snap bar chart to testing interval.
  • Price Channel and Price Channel Oscillator indicators added.
  • Possibility to override variable tick spreads with a fixed one.

v1.4 / 2019.11.6

  • Strategy Optimizer added.

v1.3 / 2019.10.20

  • Full-featured free trial version introduced.
  • Reverse condition added.
  • Use either real or modeled from M1 bars tick data.
  • Extremely large datasets support.
  • Possibility to change path to data directory.
  • Allow dataset incremental updates.

v1.2 / 2019.09.19

  • Indicator charts added.
  • Display positions on price chart.

v1.1 / 2019.08.18

  • Candlesticks chart with zoom, crosshair and info box added.
  • Crosshair and info box added to the balance chart.
  • Possibility to copy position details to clipboard.
  • Check for updates at startup.